Application for Registration/Renewal

of Water Sports and Adventure Sports Activities

Personal Information


Company Information

Other Information

Place of Operation

Operated by

Applicant is a resident of Puducherry

Mention the type of water sports/ adventure sports planned

Mention the type of boats and carrying capacity of each boat

Latest Marine Surveyor Report for each boat

lnsurance details of each boat 

Details of insurance for Rs. 5.00 lakhs for each passenger and crew members 

Public Liability lnsurance

Attach a copy of all boat operator's license in pdf format

Upload a copy of all the certificates of life saving techniques

Copy of the printed tariff of all the activities

Any other items

Copy of Demand Draft in of "The Director, of Tourism Department, Puducherry" for Rs.25,000/- as Registration Fee

Copy of the Demand Draft in favour of "The Director, of Tourism Department, Puducherry" for Rs.50,000/- as Registration Fee

Copy of the Demand Draft drawn in favour of "The Director, Tourism Department, Puducherry" towards user fee for the boats as specified in the Annexure-2 of the Guideline


By submitting the form you hereby declare that you have read and shall strictly abide by the “Terms and Conditions” as stated in the "Puducherry Water Sports and Adventure Sports Guidelines, 2018" and all other orders/amendments relating to water sports and adventure sports activities in the Union Territory of Puducherry, from time to time. You also agree that, in case of default/violation or breach of non-compliance, relating to any of the terms and conditions under the guidelines or any violation, as are prohibited under prevailing laws, shall lead to immediate cancellation of the Registration/NOC and Annual Premium, User Fees/Security Deposit and the same would be forfeited by the Government to the exchequer and necessary action would be taken against you, by the Department of Tourism, Government of Puducherry


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