The government of India has not authorized any agent or intermediary to charge any fee for the facilitation of emergency/express Visa/eVisa. For travel to India, a regular/eVisa along with a passport is mandatory. Only categories exempted under bilateral arrangements may not need a visa. For persons of Indian origin (all categories), an OCI card is mandatory.

Passport holders of the following 3 countries are Eligible for Visa-on-Arrival to India.

  • Japan

  • South Korea

  • UAE (only for such UAE nationals who had earlier obtained e-Visa or regular/paper visa for India)

Passport &


To visit Pondicherry all foreign nationals are required to possess a valid international travel document in the form of a national passport with a valid visa from an Indian Mission/Post or eVisa (Limited Categories) from the Bureau of Immigration, Ministry of Home Affairs.

Forget the race, visit Pondicherry. A city of bon vivants- heritage, peace, delicious food and memories in store just for you. Come once, you will come again.


Government of Puducherry