The spirit of a city is often is captured in the art; when you take home a piece of art from Pondicherry, you then own a bit of Pondicherry. It is not just the town which is beautiful but also what it produces. Pondicherry’s art and craft flaunt the exquisite Franco-Tamil style, characteristic of all aspects of the city. The government always takes a keen interest in conserving the art forms.

The artworks vary from beautiful terracotta statutes to handmade lanterns to sketches and paintings by the local artists. Here you can also find delicate, sophisticated products such as scented candles, which are bound to uplift the ambiance of your space, along with pottery which has demand across the country and even sold abroad. So if you are an enthusiast of arts and crafts, then you have the perfect place on your itinerary.

Art 'n' Craft

Art 'n' Craft

Forget the race, visit Pondicherry. A city of bon vivants- heritage, peace, delicious food and memories in store just for you. Come once, you will come again.


Government of Puducherry