February 28th

Auroville is an international community, founded on 28th February 1968, by the Mother of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Auroville offers a harmonious city experience aimed to have collective spiritual growth. The township continues to attract people across the globe, who are spiritual who are aspiring to spirituality and the ideal of human unity envisioned by the Mother. Auroville is characteristic of the meditative atmosphere of Pondicherry and integral to its multiculturalism.

Auroville Day, also known as Foundation Day in Auroville, celebrates the beginning of an ongoing cultural experiment that has enhanced the international ethos of Pondicherry. This day is celebrated with much fanfare in Auroville with several cultural events, seminars, and exhibitions. The highlight of the celebration is a morning meditation held around a bonfire, at the amphitheater near Auroville’s iconic Matrimandir.

Auroville Day

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