March 01st

Pondicherry is a beautiful confluence of what is traditional and modern. The city ardently celebrates its past and culture not only in its daily life but also in its festivities. One of the most iconic traditional Hindu festivals celebrated here is the Masi Magam.

Masi Magam is a Tamil festival during the “Masi” month of the Tamil calendar when the idols of the temples go on a procession across the town to be finally bathed in the sea, or a special pond or a lake. Devotees flock to take bath in the holy water touched by the idols to rid themselves of sins. The overwhelming crowds following stately idols carried in chariots make an immersive experience.

Masi Magam

Forget the race, visit Pondicherry. A city of bon vivants- heritage, peace, delicious food and memories in store just for you. Come once, you will come again.


Government of Puducherry