January 14th to 16th

Pondicherry celebrates the four-day-long Tamil Hindu festival, Pongal, as a testimony to its strong Tamil heritage. Pongal, also celebrated as Sankranti in other parts of India, is the festival of harvest where one comes together to fete, pray and thank the abundance and prosperity that the year has brought.

The vigor of the celebrations can be seen as throngs of people crowd the Bharathi Park and the Promenade Beach, spending quality time with friends and family. As a tourist, the most attractive part of the occasion would be to relish the rich brown, syrupy Pongal, a dessert made of rice, milk, and jaggery.


Forget the race, visit Pondicherry. A city of bon vivants- heritage, peace, delicious food and memories in store just for you. Come once, you will come again.


Government of Puducherry