Arikamedu, on the bank of Arankuppam River, is the trade port that dates the glory of Pondicherry back to the 2nd century and has archeological remains of the Roman, Cholas, and the French. Coins and seals found on the site are proof of a robust trade with Romans and Greco-Romans. The Sangam literature gives an account of the vibrant trading culture of Arikamedu. Later in medieval times, there was also a prominent presence of the Cholas who were known for the expanse of their empire and their trading abilities. The story of Arikamedu picks a new turn in the late eighteenth century, with colonial powers settling in. The site has the remains of a Jesuit structure for which tourists flock to Arikamedu; the building has bricks of different eras indicating that the existing mount was built on something more ancient.

Today the excavated objects are in the museum but the quiet, green forests and the enigmatic ruins are reasons enough to visit Arikamedu.



Arikamedu Rd, Kaakaayanthope, Ariyankuppam, Puducherry 605007, India


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