Founded in 1968, Auroville, the 'City of Dawn', was the Mother's dream and the physical manifestation of her and Sri Aurobindo’s vision of human unity and spiritual progress achieved collectively. Auroville was envisioned to be a city of the future that will realise harmony and collective growth untainted by politics and rise above race, creed, and religion. The Auroville Charter says, "To live in Auroville one must be a willing servitor of the Divine Consciousness", and describes Auroville as "belonging to nobody in particular, but humanity as a whole, as a place of constant progress and as a bridge between the past and the future.’’

Auroville has several international inhabitants who bring their own cultures to the city. Multiculturalism culminates in diverse architecture, art, and languages. Located in an afforested area, the township is synonymous with sustainable lifestyles.

For visitors, a variety of shops and boutiques, and restaurants, as well as feats of great architecture such as the Matrimandir, would make a peaceful and holistic visit.



Auroville, Tamil Nadu, India


Forget the race, visit Pondicherry. A city of bon vivants- heritage, peace, delicious food and memories in store just for you. Come once, you will come again.


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