Situated 8 km from Pondicherry, on the Cuddalore Main Road, Chunnambar Backwaters are your idyllic spot for a holiday. The creek is surrounded by greenery and has pristine water and white sand- so once you are at this beautiful spot, it will be impossible to keep track of time. The beach here is Paradise Beach, indeed a paradise. Here you can engage in beach activities or set a quiet tent and laze or float away in the calm, clear water. Or you can go on a small cruise and a lucky day you could see dolphins jump out of the clear blue sea before disappearing into the depths. Just being at Chunnambar, surrounded by its beauty, is worth your time.

Chunnambar Beach and Backwater Resort, a PTDC enterprise offers boating, backwater boat tours, treks, and picnics. There are a few concept eco-friendly accommodations around and a few restaurants with a view of the backwaters that you can give a try.


Lakes 'n' Gardens

Chunnambar River, Puducherry, 605007, India

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