Marquis Joseph Francois Dupleix was an integral part of Puducherry's colonial past. He was the governor of Puducherry between 1742 and 1754. He was known for a flamboyant lifestyle, trade, innovative governance, and diplomacy but didn’t have a good military acumen. The French power had contracted dramatically with Dupleix at the helm. Although he built an efficient infantry in Pondicherry, he never won battles but his excellent diplomacy was behind the negotiations of peace between the French and the British in southern India. His efforts to expand French territory went in vain.

Even though Dupleix left Puducherry in 1754, French recognition for his contribution came only in 1870, with the commissioning of two statues - one in Puducherry and the other in France. His contributions to public life were honoured after his death. The one in Pondicherry was first erected at the present site of the Nehru statue. Later the 2.88m tall statue of Dupleix was moved to its current location at the southern end of the park.



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