The Foyer du Soldat is the legion hall for retired soldiers from Puducherry who fought for France in Europe and the colonies during various wars. The yellow and white colonial building with large windows stands proudly in the French quarter with the French flag fluttering on it as a reminder of the courage of those who lived before us and times gone by.


Since 1956, the present building, situated on Marine Street, was allocated to the French Consulate General. The building and the plot have seen several owners and enterprises in the two century-long French rule. The plot was originally a cemetery on which a house was built in 1751 and was procured by the French government in 1840. The house has watched history unfold


French Consulate-General is the only diplomatic mission in town with the coverage area of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. This colonial building has changed over the years and yet managed to retain some of its original 18th-century charm. The consulate is open to French citizens.

Foyer Du Soldat


Law De Lauriston St, White Town, Puducherry, India


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