Jeanne d'Arc or Joan of Arc is the very embodiment of courage and righteousness and was posthumously canonised for her saintly nature and courage in 1920 and declared one of the nine secondary patron saints of France. Her name is etched in history for guiding Charles VII in the Hundred Years War. Three years after her canonisation, Francois Gaudart who was the mayor of Pondicherry commissioned a statue of Joan of Arc. A marble statue of the saint is located in front of the Church of Our Lady of the Angels, in the middle of a garden. The statue celebrates not only the Indo-French heritage of Pondicherry but her courage.

From the beach, the statue against the pastel colours of the church and the orange and purple twilight sky makes one of the most magical sights in Pondicherry.

Joan of Arc


White Town, Puducherry, India


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