The Assembly building is situated in the public square where important buildings have stood since the French era. These buildings were built flamboyant and imposing to signify their importance in the town. These buildings mark major milestones in the history of Pondicherry.

The former residence of a certain Mr. Pernon, the Assembly building has a classic colonial architecture with circular rooms on the front facade with an elevated portico, grand flight of stairs, and traditional terracotta hand balusters. The staircase leads to the colonnaded portico with round masonry. It also had grand French windows with pillars in between. Apart from the history that the building represents, in the building the political history of Pondicherry is written with every assembly meeting.

Since 1969, the Assembly sessions have been conducted in this building.

Legislative Assembly


Victor Simonel St, White Town, Puducherry, 605001, India


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Government of Puducherry