Ousteri Lake is a place of true wonders. Surrounded by an afforested area that is now dense and lush, the lake once was made artificially by the French. It is now home to diverse life forms. The lake was recently declared a wildlife sanctuary and is recognised to be one of the important wetlands of Asia by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources. This sanctuary is proof of can achieve when in unison with nature. The long stretches of lotuses, birds skimming the lake, and the array of greenery make the perfect eco-tourism spot. The sanctuary is home to a wide range of birds such as Spot-billed Pelicans, Eurasian Spoonbills, and Ibis. The best time to visit Ousteri Lake is between October and March. One can have a merry time boating on the lake, a facility provided by the Pondicherry Tourism Department. In the lap of nature, you may discover hidden aspects of yourself.

Ousteri Lake

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