Mandagapattu is home to a 7th century Hindu Cave Temple, Mandagapattu Tirumurti. Hewn from rock by the Pallava ruler Mahendravarman I in honour of the Hindu Trinity, the cave temple is considered to be the oldest stone shrine to a Hindu god discovered in Tamil Nadu. In one of his inscriptions, Mahendravarman I boasts that he caused a stone temple to be built in honour of the Hindu Trinity without the use of brick, mortar, timber or metal. Though the inscription does not state clearly whether this is the first of its kind, the enthusiasm of the king and mention of brick, timber, metal and mortal specifically in the inscription suggests that this is probably the first attempt in this direction hence the creator was overwhelmed at the success and inscribed such words over the pillar. This 7th century Cave Temple is comparable to those at Mamallapuram and Trichy.


57 kms to the West (1h 18min drive)

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