As per Roman records, this coastal town had been a major port in the 1st Century AD. Marakkanam was connected to Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh via the Buckingham Canal, a 420 km long fresh water navigation canal. The 110 kms Stretch from Marakkanam to Chennai is called the South Buckingham Canal. The canal connects most of the natural backwaters along the coast to the port of Chennai. It was constructed by the British for transportation of goods.

The ruins of the Alamparai Fort lies on the coast near the north channel to Kaliveli Lake. Kaliveli Lake nearby, is one of the largest wetlands in peninsular India, and is considered a wetland of both national and international importance by the IUCN and is an important winter refuge for thousands of migratory birds.


38 kms to the North (47min drive)

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