There are urn burials in and around the city from the Sangam period indicating some level of human habitation. The inscriptions from the Kayarohanswami temple indicate the construction was initiated during the reign Narasimha Pallava II (691 – 729 CE). In the 11th century CE, Chudamani Vihara, a Buddhist monastery was built by Javanese King Sri Vijaya Soolamanivarman with the patronage of Raja Raja Chola.

In the early 16th century the Portuguese started commercial contacts and established a centre by 1554. In 1690, the capital of Dutch Coromandel changed from Pulicat to Nagapattinam. When the Dutch and British reached a peace agreement in 1784, Nagapattinam was formally ceded to the British.
The town boasts of the busiest harbour in the south and is the centre for heritage and historic sites nearby.


152 kms to the South (3h 20min drive)

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