This small coastal town, on the shore of the Bay of Bengal, is world famous for the tomb of the Muslim Saint Hazrat Miya. The festival season in Nagore occurs during the month of May, typically, but the festival dates change as they are based on the lunar calendar. The popular Kandhuri festival is celebrated with pomp and splendour. Notable temples exist, too. This shows the peaceful coexistence of Muslims and other faiths. The Seeralamman temple situated in the fishermens area near Nagore railway station is a century-old Hindu shrine maintained by local fishermen. The annual Seeralamman festival season has ten days of celebration.

In Tamil Nadu, Nagore Dargah is not only the Islamic Religious Centre but is also a common religious gathering point of many hundreds of thousands of devotees who attend to get the unequalled benevolence. Hindus, Christians, Muslims or any other religious devotee can attend without any obstacles irrespective of religion, Race, Caste.


140 kms to the South (3h 7min drive)

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