Pugar (also known as Poompugar) is a town in the Nagapattinam district of Tamil Nadu. It was once a flourishing ancient port city known as Kaveri poompattinam, which for a while served as the capital of the early Chola kings in Ancient Tamil country Tamizhagam. Puhar is located near the end point of the Kaveri River, next to the sea coast. Ancient pottery dating back to the 4th century BC has been discovered off shore, by marine archaeologists, east of the town.

Two important landmarks that attract tourists on a yearly basis are the Masilamani Nathar Kovil and the Silappathikara Art Gallery. The Masilamani Nathar Koil was built in the 14th century AD and has borne the brunt of tidal erosion. It still stands as a rare example of the architectural style of that period. The Silappathikara Art Gallery is a 7 storied structure dedicated to the Tamil epic Silappathikaram. The Danish Governor’s Bungalow, Town Gateway, Poompuhar Beach and Zion Church are other tourist hotspots of the place.


104 kms to the South (2h 19min drive)

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